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A construction project schedule is more than a list of dates or a collection of color-coded calendar pages. It’s a blueprint and an essential part of any pre-construction services package. CBF Contracting uses every commercial construction project schedule to stay on time and on budget. It’s that simple.

Why a Construction Project Schedule Matters

Effective project scheduling is vital to the success of any commercial construction project. In fact, a well-designed project schedule ensures optimal management of assets, resources, hours and costs. A properly created schedule offers a plan for the deployment of labor, materials and equipment. This type of schedule reduces the risk of costly delays. It also provides a chance to review the accuracy of estimates and evaluate financial forecasting.

Real advantages of a Commercial Construction Schedule:

  • Greater stability. Having the details sorted before work starts will reduce the risk of surprises. Everyone involved knows what to expect and what is expected of them.
  • Better planning. A clear timeline makes it easier to plan effectively. Knowing what activities will occur at specific streamlines efforts to have the necessary resources on hand. It also makes incorporating quality control efforts smoother and more effective.
  • Improved safety. Construction sites can be dangerous places. Having a construction work schedule makes it clear when specific precautions may be necessary. Thus, improving safety for all workers.
  • Enhanced communication. A construction schedule keeps everyone involved on the same page. It paints a clear picture of how expectations and responsibilities intersect. It also makes it easy to keep track of how any changes might impact the project and those working on it.

Factors That Impact a Construction Project Schedule

A well-constructed project schedule starts with:

  • a listing of the names of all involved
  • a breakdown of the project’s task
  • It includes the scheduling of those tasks and designates who is responsible for them.

However, a commercial project schedule is not a static document. Experienced commercial contractors recognize that many factors can impact construction project schedules. They identify possible issues and have contingency plans when possible.

Factors that may require scheduling adjustments

  • Size and scope. A large, complex project is more likely to run into issues than a small one because there are more moving parts to manage.
  • Weather. In construction, stormy weather is a common cause of unavoidable delays.
  • Availability. If resources or personal aren’t available, unscheduled downtime may result.
  • Permits and inspections. Construction projects often require permits and inspections. Delays in obtaining or passing these regulatory musts can bring a project to a temporary halt.

CBF Contracting is committed to delivering top-quality results for every construction project. We understand that building a solid foundation begins before the actual construction does. Our commercial construction project scheduling services and other pre-construction services gather and analyze invaluable information. That information helps us to deliver exemplary results.

When hiring a commercial construction contractor for your project, make sure you match up the project with the contractor’s experience. Are you wondering how project scheduling can benefit your new construction project? We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you identify the services that best suit your project’s needs. To explore the possibilities for your next commercial construction project or request a quote, contact us today at 814-745-3000.

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