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Construction is complex. Taking an idea and transforming it into something tangible requires more than expertise, equipment and hard work. Preconstruction planning is an absolute must, and that’s where CBF Contracting, Inc. shines. Preconstruction services are the preliminary planning and engineering tasks that lay the groundwork for a successful commercial construction project.

Services Offered During Preconstruction Services

The specific services included in preconstruction efforts vary depending on the project’s needs and the client’s desires. They might include:

The data gathered during preconstruction is truly invaluable. A detailed preconstruction phase plan benefits the project in various ways.

One Vision
You have a vision when you embark on a new commercial construction project. To make it a reality, you’ll need to share that vision accurately with your contractor and anyone else working on the project. You may also have to incorporate changes that improve on your idea or make it a more practical one. The work completed during preconstruction clearly defines the project’s scope, schedule and cost, allowing you to be certain that everyone shares your vision.

Can We Build It?
While great ideas are interesting to contemplate, not all are viable enough to survive closer inspection. The preconstruction process examines the possibilities and provides the information necessary to determine the feasibility of your project.

Funding Matters
Preconstruction Estimating helps you make sure that your plans and your budget are in sync and provides opportunities to make any necessary adjustments. These estimates can also be extremely useful as you work to secure funding for your project.

Problem Prevention
Preconstruction efforts can smooth the project’s path and prevent problems by handling issues before a single shovel hits the dirt. The preconstruction phase is the perfect time to address a broad range of concerns, including:

  • Constructability reviews
  • Permitting requirements
  • Site requirements and site selection
  • Utility and soil evaluations
  • Building material analysis and equipment selection
  • Scheduling obstacles
  • Value engineering opportunities

Saving Money With Preconstruction Services

Diligence during the preconstruction phase can maximize the return on your investment by saving you time and money.  The cost of pre-construction services tends to run around 1-3 percent of the project’s total installed cost.  However, solid planning can pinpoint problems before any actual construction begins, and fixes tend to be significantly less expensive when a project is still in the planning stages. Preconstruction is also the perfect time to identify value engineering opportunities that can cut costs during construction.

We hope we’ve outlined a few of the benefits of preconstruction services as you begin to look for a contractor to build your commercial building.

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