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The stakes are always high when you’re planning a commercial construction project. Many miscalculations or errors can result in costly delays and change orders. That’s why pre-construction services are so valuable. If we can identify issues early in the process, then we can build solutions and improvements during the process. It’s before a project begins when it’s easier and more affordable to address any underlying issues and implement solutions. We are often asked “What types of services happen during the pre-construction phase?” So we’ve outlined them here.

Pre-Construction Services Include:

Site Analysis
A site analysis is a serious, in-depth evaluation of the location where you’re planning to build. It starts with a survey. Then, it dives into crucial factors like topography, soil composition and climate. Draining and flooding issues and possible contamination will also be considered. Utilities, site improvements and initial zoning information. In addition, a thorough analysis will weigh in on what surrounds the site. When you receive your site analysis, it will include a clear picture of the property and its potential challenges.

Feasibility Study
A feasibility study looks at your existing plan, the proposed location, economic factors and zoning matters. Then, it offers an opinion on the viability of your plan. Completing a feasibility study provides useful insights into whether your plan is workable.

Risk Analysis
A risk analysis weighs the challenges and risks involved in pursuing your plan. This could include environmental risks, public opinion risks or so many more. The insights found here can help you fine-tune your plan and your budget so that you’re better prepared for any potential problems.

Site Planning
A site plan helps you to visualize your project’s final product. It shows the existing and proposed conditions for your location. It includes everything from property lines and easements to driveways and parking areas to your building and the landscaping that surrounds it. Even things like fire hydrants and the surrounding streets should be included. Distances between elements should also be clearly marked.  Needless to say, site planning is an integral part of any commercial construction project.

Engineering Services
Why does engineering play a role in pre construction consulting? Consider the many mechanical systems that contribute to the functionality of your building. Lighting, climate control, plumbing, and pumping systems are all essential. An engineering review during the pre-construction phase checks that these pieces will work together smoothly. It’s also a chance to identify ways to improve comfort or efficiency.

Utility Mapping
Encountering underground utilities in unexpected places during construction can be deadly. Even in the best scenarios, it can lead to costly delays and changes. Thorough utility mapping before any construction starts is essential. It reduces the risk to your company, your project and the people working to get the job done.

Project Scheduling
In business, time is money. Completing a project on time and on budget is something to strive for, and proper project scheduling is an essential part of this process. Reviewing the timeline and thinking about when specific resources will be needed makes it easier to spot potential problems and plan for success.

Solid pre-construction services save you time and money, allowing you to maximize the return on your investment. With over 40 years of experience in commercial and industrial construction, CBF Contracting Inc., has the integrity and expertise to guide you through a successful project. To explore our services or request a quote, contact us today at 814-745-3000.

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