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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole building delivered to your property already pre-assembled? STAR prefab metal buildings do just that.  When wall panels, roof panels and insulated panels come pre-assembled, it saves you time and money,  Prefab metal buildings are ideal for office buildings, retail stores, horse stables and almost any other structure you can imagine.  The buildings are custom-designed and built offsite. Before investing in ground-up construction, find out if prefab commercial steel building kits are a better option for your business.

STAR Prefab Steel Buildings = Premium Prefab Metal Buildings

STAR steel buildings are popular for their high quality and low cost. CBF Contracting, Inc. offers steel building construction through STAR Building Systems. STAR prefabricated structures can be customized for dozens of purposes, including:

  • Metal Church Buildings: Sanctuaries and social halls, as well as other church buildings, come complete with stages, pews and fellowship halls for hosting large events.
  • Metal Warehouses: Column-free design and high ceilings can give you thousands of square feet of warehouse storage space.
  • Metal Garages: If you plan on using a prefabricated metal building for a metal garage, it can accommodate multiple vehicles while still allowing room for tools, equipment and workspace. Pre-engineered metal buildings are an ideal fit for auto garages that include bays and large garage-type roll-up doors.
  • Metal School Buildings: Whether you need a few extra classrooms or a whole campus, the choice between column-free and multi-column interiors make STAR metal buildings ideal for classrooms, cafeterias and even gymnasiums.
  • Pre-Fab Offices: With some exterior decorating, prefab metal buildings can be crafted into low-rise or multilevel offices that look professional on the inside and outside.
  • Equestrian Stables: Horses love STAR prefab steel buildings because it keeps them safe and insulated. Buildings can be designed with or without columns to create an indoor riding area.
  • Retail stores: Do you need showrooms, display areas and plenty of uninterrupted floor space? Prefabricated buildings can provide all of that and more. You can also add interior columns to divide shopping areas.

STAR Prefab Steel Buildings are Also Perfect for:

  • Refrigeration units
  • Barns and agricultural storage
  • Auto garage buildings
  • Industrial mining structures
  • Breweries
  • Sports facilities

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Metal Building Construction With Minimal Hassle

CBF Contracting is a premier commercial construction contractor specializing in prefab metal buildings. CBF Contracting assembles and customizes prefab metal buildings to fit your commercial needs. On top of designing the interior to your specifications, we can add masonry, storefront windows or anything else you desire to the outside of your metal building. Just because prefab metal buildings aren’t wood frame construction buildings, doesn’t mean we can’t use wood trim or other wooden components for that softer look. CBF Contracting, Inc. is an industrial general contractor and has been serving commercial and industrial clients in Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Western New York State for over 40 years.

Our commitment is to you through cost, time and quality management. If you want professional prefab metal buildings integrated with your next commercial construction project, contact CBF Contracting.  Give us a call at 814-745-3000 for a free estimate.

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