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As you ask for recommendations, you discover that more and more of your peers are choosing to work with a design build construction company. We’ve outlined a few tips about this option, including when it works best and its benefits, which can help you make an informed decision.

Exploring Design Build Basics

In the conventional construction process, an architect handles the design. The client then approves the design. After the design is approved, the client looks for a commercial general contractor to build the vision of the architectural drawings. Wouldn’t it be nice to work with one point of contact? A design build firm streamlines the process. One entity tackles the project from start to finish.

Uncovering When Design Build Works Best

Because the project is completed by a single team with established methods of communication and collaboration, design build is a fantastic choice in numerous situations. It could be a public building like a library, school, or medical center. Or, it might be a private facility like a restaurant, grocery store, office space, industrial facility, or retail shop. Design build construction is a solid strategy if one or more of the following is true:

  • The project is large or complex.
  • A speedy turnaround is necessary.
  • Minimizing hassles while maintaining quality is a priority.
  • The idea of saving time and money is appealing.

Identifying Design Build Benefits

With everyone on one team, design build offers you significant benefits. While there are many worth appreciating, three are especially notable.


With the constant evolutions in tech, construction has become more demanding and specialized. Today’s top projects require a team of diverse talents ready to create your vision. As a result, a design build construction company has established relationships with skilled and qualified subcontractors. These long-term relationships lead to working together smoothly.


Design build companies are clear in their goal: client satisfaction. Clients who work with a design build firm will have detailed conversations about the end result. Then, everyone on the team will work toward achieving a successful result.

How is that different from conventional construction?

When working with an architect and a builder, you may find yourself getting caught in the middle of professionals who are both sure that their way is best. Or, if things go wrong, you may be dealing with two companies, certain that the other is at fault. With multiple companies, the risk of errors, confusion, and miscommunications could cause problems. Sorting these problems out takes time and energy.

The Right Design Build Construction Company Leads to Savings.

Working with a design build contractor can be a smart way to reduce construction costs. It reduces project costs by providing faster delivery with greater efficiency and fewer change orders. That means your project is more likely to be on time and on budget. Plus, design build lowers opportunity costs. When time is money, you’ll enjoy savings when your new facility is completed faster and more efficiently. You’re able to begin operations and enjoy productivity sooner.

If hiring a design build construction company seems like the ideal strategy for your next project, remember that it’s essential that you choose a contractor with experience. At CBF Contracting Inc., we believe that it’s always best to do a job right the first time. We invite you to contact us to discuss your project.

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