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Not every commercial design build company can complete your project with excellent results. To achieve that goal, finding a reliable commercial contractor with the right mix of expertise and resources is essential. We’ve already outlined the many advantages of working with a design-build contractor. However, we want to outline some common mistakes when hiring a design build commercial construction company.

Choosing a Commercial Design Build Company

Don’t Jump At the Lowest Price

Jumping at the lowest price tag often leads to regret. If one bid is lower than all the others, consider why. You may discover the reason for the apparent savings comes at a cost that you aren’t willing to pay.

Don’t Skim Bids Hastily

Spending time reviewing paperwork is rarely fun, so the temptation to quickly skim through the bids that you receive is understandable. However, details matter. Differences in methods and materials can have a major impact on quality. Read and compare the bids carefully before making your decision. If you have questions, the time to ask is before you sign the contract.

Don’t Forget to Check References

A reliable commercial design build firm will happily show off its portfolio and provide references you can check. Therefore, do just that. Verify the quality of the work. See if their experience can meet your request.  Talk to their references. Ask questions about working with that commercial design build contractor. These customers should be providing insights into working with their commercial contractors.

Don’t Overlook Experience Levels

A new design build commercial construction group may bring enthusiasm to the project, but experienced contractors have proven they can successfully manage projects. If problems arise, they can often spot them quickly, suggest appropriate solutions, and resolve them before they become serious issues. This keeps costs and stress down.

Don’t Forget Safety

Construction safety matters. An accident or injury on a work site can lead to expensive delays and costly lawsuits. To avoid trouble, choose a commercial design build firm that understands the importance of caring for the health and safety of its workers. A contractor’s dedication to safety can significantly impact your profit.

Don’t Ignore Communication Styles Clashes

Good communication is vital for the success of almost any venture. If you find yourself chasing a contractor to get a bid, you will face the same struggle throughout the project. If a contractor seems unwilling to answer questions now, what happens if there’s a problem during construction? If you are only available at times when the contractor isn’t, how will that impact your working relationship? A clash of communication styles can be a significant red flag. Ensure that you and your commercial contractor can easily communicate.

Don’t Waive the Pre-Construction Services

During pre-construction, it is possible to uncover hidden problems that your design will have to address. Since stumbling over them during construction could mean costly changes, don’t skip the pre-construction services. Recognize it as a valuable opportunity to collect needed information for your construction project.

Don’t Make Unnecessary Changes

Change can be good, but too many change orders after construction begins can be costly. Work with your design-build team to make all decisions before construction. Try to limit changes after you’ve signed the contract. Change orders can increase the time and money required to finish a job.

When searching for a trusted design build construction company, contact CBF Contracting, Inc. We’ve been committed to getting the job right the first time since 1978. Every day, we strive to meet that goal with every project. Ask us any of these questions and more. Put our experience to work for you. To discuss your next project, contact CBF Contracting Incorporated today.

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