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A great reputation should be enough, but you need to make a decision based on more than word of mouth. Your PA commercial construction project’s success depends on hiring a general contractor for the job. Make sure they answer these six important questions.

1. Does Their Experience Match Your Project?
When hiring a general contractor, you want a commercial contractor with focused expertise in your field.  Therefore, take a look at a prospective PA general contractor’s portfolio, and talk with others who are familiar with his work. An established Pennsylvania general contractor will discuss completed jobs that are similar to yours and address any issues that might be unique to your project. Always ask for a list of clients who can stand as solid references.

2. What Kind of Services Can You Expect?
It’s important to understand exactly what a general contractor delivers. Some contractors focus on construction based on your original plans, while others deliver design/build services. Many clients prefer working with a Pennsylvania general contractor that provides complete design and building services because this all-inclusive approach streamlines job costs and ensures efficient project completion. Be clear about your expectations.

3. Are Their Construction Capabilities Comprehensive?
A successful PA general contractor tackles your project with a wide range of diversified construction capabilities. When you hire an established company instead of an individual, you’re assured of in-house teams working together full-time on your job. Their combined talents in all fields of commercial construction cover everything from industrial design to structural engineering.

4. Can They Navigate Local Networks?
Ask a potential local general contractor company about their working relationships with area vendors and subcontractors. Their materials and labor represent a substantial part of your project investment, so you want to be sure that your PA GC can access and manage their resources. They should have an established network of trusted industry specialists and an upstanding reputation within each trades.

5. How Is The Bidding Process Handled?
Determine up front whether you’ll receive a fixed bid or estimate on your job. Firm bids seem attractive but proceed with caution because these proposals don’t allow room for contingencies. A high bid might reflect a contractor’s commitment to preferred materials while a lower figure could be based on innovative, cost-saving techniques. An honest contractor will put it all in writing to create an estimate of commercial construction cost.

6. How Will Communication Be Handled?
Your project is a big investment, so you expect detailed accounting and timely reporting. Ask about communication channels and how your general contractor plans on keeping you up to date. Find out ahead of time who’s in charge if things veer off schedule or budget. You want to know that concerns will be addressed and that you’ll always be on top of all details through every phase of construction.

If you’re looking to find a general contractor in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area, CBF Contracting, Inc. strives to provide our clients with the best general contracting services. Our commercial and industrial building construction expertise spans more than 40 years, and we welcome your interest in our business. If you’re looking at hiring a general contractor in the Western Pennsylvania area, give us a call to discuss your next project at 814-745-3000 or fill out our Request For Quote.

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