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You’ve built a successful retail establishment and your business is growing. That means you are looking to take the next step and expand. A retail store renovation can include expanding your company’s space, refreshing its look, or revitalizing its capabilities. Before you make your next move, consider this advice for remodeling your store from a retail renovation contractor.

Top Questions From a Retail Renovation Contractor

Why Are You Renovating?

A desire for shiny, fresh, and new is understandable. But desire alone is not enough to guide your decisions during a renovation. Before you start making choices about your remodel, think about the goals that you really want to achieve. Once you have this list of goals, we can combine new features to accommodate your needs.

What Technology Will Be Needed?

Technology is a vital tool that people have grown accustomed to in their daily lives. However, when technology fails, it affects us all.  It’s important to make sure that electrical and wiring systems can support your new retail renovation. Consider the placement of inventory and electrical outlets. In addition, be sure that you have secure places to store electronics such as tablets, portable scanners, and other mobile devices when they aren’t in use.

How Can We Optimize Your Current Retail Space?

In retail, you need to make every square foot count. A retail commercial renovation is an ideal time to review your floor plan. Is there room for improvement with the traffic flow? Integrating flexibility into your planning is smart. It allows you to adjust as your business grows or circumstances change. Major shifts in plumbing or electrical infrastructure could mean major business closures while invasive renovations are completed. It’s important to plan how changes will impact the project’s timeline.

Can We Incorporate New Green Building Materials?

A green renovation can win you points with environmentally minded customers. Sustainable materials are beautiful, hardy, and readily available. Including green building materials can be incredibly beneficial. An experienced retail renovation contractor can guide you through cost-effective options.

Do We Need to Add New ADA Compliance Elements?

Accessibility is an ethical and legal responsibility. Retail stores are expected to be both safe and accessible for all shoppers regardless of disability. ADA Compliance can mean wider walkways, accessible bathrooms, wheelchair ramps, and other features. Retail renovation companies should be able to advise you on these types of additions. Accessibility compliance can be challenging if don’t understand the requirements. Thankfully, when you work with a qualified retail renovation contractor, they can guide you through the process.

How Will Your Remodeled Store Express Your Brand?

A retail renovation project should enhance your brand. Not lose what gives your store its unique feel. Is important to maintain colors, art, style, décor, or some other quirky detail that your customers know and love. Make sure that you bring your branding forward into your renovated space. Therefore, you can strike the perfect balance of fresh and familiar for your returning clients.

We hope these tips from a retail renovation contractor have been helpful. If you’re searching for an experienced commercial renovation contractor in Pennsylvania, New York, or Ohio, contact CBF Contracting Incorporated to discuss the possibilities. Put our experience to work for you.

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