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If you’re planning a commercial construction project, then you want exceptional results with minimal hassles. Commercial design build is the most efficient way to achieve that. With a design build method of project delivery, one company handles both the design and the construction. It is a streamlined system that can provide significant advantages when you choose to work with an experienced design build commercial contractor.

Benefits of Commercial Design Build

The Expertise of Design Build

A design build contractor provides expertise in both design and construction services. They have a fully developed understanding of what it takes to deliver a top-quality results in both fields. They also know how to merge their respective responsibilities smoothly so that your project gets the maximum benefits.

Accountability of a Design Build Team

Imagine that you have an architect providing the design and a general contractor heading up the build. If something goes wrong, who is responsible for fixing it? It can be difficult to decide. The time spent pointing fingers could cost you time and money. With design build construction, one entity is responsible. This smooths the path and ensures that there’s less risk of obstruction or delay due to disputes. If changes are necessary, they are also handled more efficiently.

One Communication

When you hire a design build firm, you hire a team that’s already used to working together. That means they already have an effective communication system in place. There’s no need to worry that the miscommunication that’s common when outside companies work together will lead to wasted time or costly errors. Plus, you’ll save time because you’ll only have to deal with a single point of communication for this project. You won’t have to chase multiple firms.

Design Build Equals Savings

The design build process puts the architect and the builders on the same team. There is constant communication from the beginning and they together to create your vision. This early communication saves time which in turn, saves money. It also allows them to deliver a superior product at lower costs without compromising on quality.

Troubleshooting Potential Construction Challenges

When your design and construction teams are working hand and hand, communication is seamless. By sharing their knowledge in their respective fields, they can often identify potential challenges in the design phase. If any issues are exposed during a site analysis study, then further adjustments can be made in a timely manner.

Speed and Efficiency

Building something is a process, and encountering obstacles is a normal part of it. Having the design and construction teams working in sync and communicating effortlessly means that the inevitable obstacles are conquered quickly and efficiently. That allows your project to be completed with greater speed and fewer worries.

CBF Contracting Incorporated has built a solid reputation as a top-choice design build contractor by consistently exceeding expectations. Whether it’s a matter of design, budgeting, scheduling, or quality, our team is committed to always doing the job right the first time. If you’re ready to discuss a commercial design build project in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or New York, then reach out to CBF Contracting Incorporated today.

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