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It’s time for a new commercial facility. Why would you opt for a steel frame building? As a savvy business owner, you’re used to evaluating situations and determining how they can give your business an edge. Steel frame buildings offer several advantages that make them excellent choices both in the short term and in the long term.

Reasons to Build Steel Frame Buildings

Speed of Construction

Steel frame construction goes together fast. In many cases, much of the work is prefabricated off-site in a workshop under controlled conditions. This reduces worries over weather delays and allows the structure to go together faster than traditional construction. It can also reduce labor costs. Saving money on a new building is incredible, but our clients appreciate taking possession of their new building faster and sooner.

Strength of Steel

Steel is famously strong. If you were to test the load-bearing capacity of a steel beam and a wood beam of the same size, there’s no doubt which would come out on top. The steel beam would be able to support more weight. That difference can have a major impact on your design and material costs.

Design Freedom

Thanks to steel’s strength, it doesn’t require as many support columns as other materials. That allows for more open stretches and greater design freedom inside your structure. It may also allow for a simplified design of foundations.

Versatility of Steel

Steel can be fabricated into a wide array of sizes and shapes while still retaining its strength. Its adaptability also means that a properly designed steel frame structure can be easily added on to or redesigned to suit future needs.

Additional Safety

Metal frame buildings offer enhanced safety. Steel frame construction flexes enough to avoid collapse during an earthquake. It also stands strong during the high winds of a nor’easter or the additional weight of a snowstorm. In addition, steel frame buildings are noncombustible. They won’t burn during a fire or explosion, which can give valuable extra time for evacuations.

Reliability, Longevity, and Durability of Steel

Steel is a uniform material that is fabricated under controlled conditions with expectations of solid quality control. That leads to a good level of reliability. When steel frame structures are properly maintained, they deliver real longevity and impressive durability. As a result, investing in a steel frame building can deliver an excellent return.

Steel is Recyclable

Environmental sustainability is a major concern among the construction industry and other audiences. Steel is an environmentally friendly material because it’s recyclable. At the end of a building’s lifecycle, it can be melted down and transformed into other useful products. Similarly, any waste from a construction site isn’t headed for the landfill. It can be reused or recycled.

Are you Ready to Build a Steel Frame Building?

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