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Are you ready to build a new industrial or commercial facility for your business? Traditionally, you had to begin the process by choosing an architect to complete the necessary design work. Once you had the completed drawings in hand, the next step is to select a builder to do the actual construction. Today, there’s another option: design-build construction.

Benefits of Design Build Construction

With design-build construction services, you work with one company.  It’s a project delivery method that offers several significant advantages, including:

  1. A simplified selection process. Before design and build construction, you had to go through two selection processes for a new commercial building. There was one to select an architect and another to pick a builder and general contractor. With the design-build delivery method, you only have to choose one company. Save time and money by interviewing only half the required contractors.
  2. Concentrated responsibility. When design and construction responsibilities are spread between two firms, an adversarial relationship can develop. If there’s an issue, the firms can easily blame each other, creating confusion and wasting time and money. With design-build firms, a single company is responsible for both the design and the build, so there is no finger-pointing if a problem occurs; instead, the focus is on fixing it.  Instead, your builder has a strong relationship with the architects and both work together to bring your vision to life
  3. Increased value. Since they have a vested interest in the construction portion of the project and hands-on experience with building, design-build construction companies tend to generate designs with construction costs in mind. This practical approach generally results in fewer change orders, more efficient scheduling and reduced costs. That means that the design and build construction method is a great way to get more for your dollar.
  4. Faster delivery. With the design-build delivery method, the design of your new building and construction phase can overlap, which means the project can be completed in a much tighter time frame. In addition, change orders, which bring added labor and material costs and often trigger expensive delays, are less likely, so design and build construction projects tend to come in on time and on budget.
  5. A smoother process. With both the designers and builders working together,  there’s better communication among the professionals working on your project. You only share your vision once with all parties involved and they hear the same vision.  The established working relationships between the commercial design and build contractor help things run more smoothly.
  6. Reduced opportunity costs. Your time is a valuable commodity; it is also a limited one. Putting your project in the hands of a trusted design-build construction firm means fewer headaches for you, so you can spend less time managing the build. That gives you more time to devote to your own business.

CBF Contracting, Inc. is a full-service general contractor with nearly four decades of experience in the commercial construction industry.  Over the last few years, we have developed top-notch design build services in many industries. Our knowledgeable team of professionals will work together to meet or exceed your expectations for quality design and construction.

Learn More About Design-Build Construction

If you are looking for a design-build contractor, let us perform a site analysis and feasibility study.  We can also provide preliminary design studies, handle the permit and zoning applications, see to any necessary site development, and deliver the excellent construction you deserve. To learn more about how our design-build construction services can benefit your business or request an estimate for your project, contact CBF Contracting today.

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