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We love to see churches grow. When there is an increase in membership and ministries, it usually leads to “we need more space.” It’s a conversation we’ve had dozens of times with local area churches. CBF Construction Inc. recognizes that planning to renovate or build a new church home is a project that deserves proper preparation and organization. If your church is considering an expansion, we hope you’ll find these tips for new church construction useful.

Establish a Building Committee
The building committee doesn’t need to be master builders. You’ll hire professionals for that. Instead, committee members should be a diverse group of active church members who are willing to lead the building effort by clearly identifying the project’s goal and specifying the best method to reach it. Of course, CBF Contracting is available for consultation during this phase.

Know Your Budget and Resources
Every construction project has a financial cost. To determine your project’s budget, resources must be considered carefully. A realistic view of your finances is essential to develop a fully functional church construction plan. Consulting with a general contractor might be a good idea to determine church construction costs if you’re trying to decide between a renovation or a new church build.

Outline Needs and Wants
Today’s churches have numerous concerns. Space for services and activities, security for parishioners, energy efficiency, accessibility features like ramps and handrails, and other elements will all likely compete for attention in the design process. Itemize your needs and wants to determine what will make the final cut.

The tricky part is often separating that list into what is truly needed versus what’s wanted but not strictly required. Opinions can vary, so committee members will need to listen to and discuss the concerns of church members carefully. While it will fall to the committee to prioritize, keep the lists handy. Working with a skilled church construction company can sometimes lead to insights that allow for clever designs and multitasking spaces.

Investigate Architects, Builders, and Design-Builders
If you haven’t contacted a commercial construction firm during the budget process, you’ll want to do it now. After you have determined the goals of your construction project and your budget, it’s time to find the right professionals. Architects and builders are a natural starting point. Many commercial construction companies also offer design-build services, so your options are plentiful.  When searching for an architect, builder, or design-build contractor, ask for referrals from other churches or read reviews online. Do your homework. Look for an experienced firm with a solid reputation.

Choose Your Team
Request bids from a few different church builders for your project. Review them thoroughly to see what each includes. Here are a few questions to help you determine which church contractor is the right one. Were you treated with professionalism and respect? Did you get good answers to your questions? How did the company’s communication style mesh with yours? Consider all the information that you’ve gathered. Then, choose your team for building a church.

Review and Secure Funding
Does the church have enough savings set aside for the project? Are the contributions or donations meeting expectations? Have you been able to secure loans? All financial details must be locked down to move the project forward.

Communicate with the Builder
A skilled church general contractor won’t expect daily contact. However, they are willing to keep the lines of communication open so that you know what’s happening with your project and can act quickly if there’s an issue. These professionals know how to keep church building construction progressing smoothly. Share your communication expectations before construction. It’s essential to be on the same page.

CBF Contracting Inc. has served Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York for decades. During that time, we have been entrusted with several new church construction projects. We’d be pleased to assist you with yours. If you’re planning a new church, don’t hesitate to contact CBF Contracting Inc. to learn more about our services or request a free estimate.

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