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Completing an office renovation is a fantastic way to revitalize your space, bringing a fresh look and renewed energy to your business. If you’re ready to take the plunge, use these seven commercial construction tips to get the most out of your office renovation.

1. Make it a Team Effort
Office renovations are complicated projects with a wide range of complex issues to consider and an almost overwhelming number of decisions to make. Having a competent team in place allows you to cover all the necessary angles without wasting time, energy or money. Make sure you choose the right General Contracting Company.

2. Know Why You’re Renovating
Why do you want to remodel? Is your goal to improve the aesthetics, adapt the space for a new function, install the latest technology or update infrastructure systems? Is it a combination of these options? Before any work begins, identify your priorities and separate the things that you truly need from those that you’d like to have. Making these decisions initially will also help you save money on your office space renovation project.

3. Get a Professional Edge
When it comes to the renovation of an office building, guidance from experienced office remodeling contractors is invaluable. Whether you elect to use a design firm and a general contractor or a contractor who provides design and build construction services, hire an experienced office renovation contractor.  Their experience will help pinpoint potential problems and possible savings and present alternative solutions early in your remodeling process, which will make the project go more smoothly.

4. Is the Current Building Up To Code?
Before beginning your office space renovation, evaluate your current property. Ensure all systems are up to code and still suitable for your needs. If they aren’t, it’s better to find out before work starts so that you can adjust your plans and expectations accordingly. Be smart about blending old and new. Reusing a system can save money on your renovation, but replacing it may offer greater efficiency and better savings in the long run.

5. Budget Wisely
When remodeling your office space, expect the unexpected and budget accordingly. Make sure that the expenses for your major priorities are covered first, know where you can cut if necessary and have a contingency fund of at least 10 percent to cover any surprises encountered during the renovation. When putting together your office renovation budget, don’t forget to look into economic incentives. Projects that increase energy efficiency or are likely to bring more jobs to a community may be rewarded with tax credits and other financial incentives.

6. Schedule Well
Office space renovations take time and impact your ability to operate. Work with your general contractor to create a realistic schedule so that you can decide how to minimize the inevitable interruptions to your organization. Consider completing the project in phases and be prepared to work quickly to deal with any issues that arise that might trigger potentially costly delays.

7. Remember Your Exit Strategy
Why should you consider an exit strategy when remodeling so your space will better suit your needs? Ideally, office renovations should improve your property’s value, so considering how they will appear to potential buyers is smart.

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