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Very few projects reach the size and scope of industrial building construction. The massive jobs cover thousands of square feet and generate huge budget numbers. How do you maintain top-tier project quality and keep a firm grip on critical building costs?

Industrial Building Construction: 6 Strategies That Save Money

Our teams handle large-scale projects on a regular basis. Over the years, we’ve developed proven strategies that hold down the bottom line on all types of jobs. As one of the region’s largest industrial construction contractors, we’re positioned to share our best stages in building construction to help you save money.

  1. Draw Up a Comprehensive Master Plan – A solid master plan encompasses everything from site selection and architectural design to safety planning. Working with your contractor, draw up a comprehensive overview that keeps the job on schedule and on budget. A solid master plan minimizes unexpected costs and reduces the risk of expensive change orders.
  2. Work With a Design-Build Process-Traditionally, companies hire different services for design, engineering and building. The best industrial construction companies consolidate these three key roles so that you deal with one office directing multiple teams. This strong client-contractor partnership keeps job progress on track, and that saves money. It saves communication headaches too because you know you’re always dealing with one contractor who assumes responsibility for all project details. If you’re looking for prefab metal buildings, definitely consider a contractor who offers design-build services.
  3. Understand Applicable Regulations – A vast network of detailed federal, state and local regulations apply to different types of heavy construction. Missing the mark or failing an inspection at any point during the job becomes very costly. Let your contractor help you understand and navigate the zoning restrictions, building permits and environmental regulations that affect your project.
  4. Consider Pre-engineered Metal Buildings – Commercial steel buildings greatly reduce the expenses of industrial construction. STAR steel buildings are outstanding examples of how well this technology streamlines the construction process. Timely job completion, lower labor costs and reduced maintenance make pre-engineered metal buildings ideal for holding down project costs.
  5. Save Long-Term by Going Green – Green construction helps control expenses while you’re building, and it’s also a smart investment in long-term savings. Work with budget-friendly materials like recycled concrete and steel. Hold down heating and cooling costs with energy-efficient industrial metal buildings. Talk with your contractor about green options that include LED light fixtures, triple-glazed windows and water reclamation systems.  Read other energy-efficient tips when it comes to commercial and industrial construction projects.
  6. Schedule Off-Season Construction – Weather delays can quickly run up project costs, so schedule your job with the seasons in mind. The construction business booms during the summer, but so do labor and material prices. Strike a money-saving balance between the seasons by scheduling your industrial construction project for fall or early spring. In Pennsylvania, the weather is always an issue, so let our team best manage the production cycle until the weather becomes more stable.

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Choosing an Industrial Building Contractor

It’s always our pleasure to share professional knowledge. We’re proud of our reputation as one of the region’s most trusted industrial building construction contractors near Pittsburgh. If you’d like cost-saving information on an upcoming project, just give us a call at 814-745-3000. We’re ready to answer your questions, and we’re happy to give you a free quote.

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