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Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating an existing space for your business, hiring a building contractor can make or break the project.  It’s important to find a qualified commercial general contractor to ensure that your project is completed successfully. Although it can take time to find the right GC for your project, spending a little extra time before hiring a building contractor can save you headaches down the road. When searching for construction contractors, research and open communication can help you find the best contractor for your job.

1. Solicit Recommendations
Selecting the first commercial general contractor that you find with a simple Internet search may not be the best option. Instead, ask your friends and business associates if they’ve worked with any commercial general contractors that they would recommend. You can also use online reviews to help create a list of candidates.

2. Research Your Options Carefully
When hiring a building contractor, check each contractor’s website to get a feel for the type of work that they do. Contractor websites often include other useful information, including credentials and awards that the company has earned. Some websites include a list of references, giving you a handy list of individuals you can call to help you figure out if a particular contractor will fit your project.

3. See the Projects for Yourself
Research can help you establish some facts about a contractor, but seeing their work for yourself can help you gain a better understanding of the contractor. Many contractors include a gallery of completed projects on their website. Pictures are useful, but seeing the work in person may make your decision easier. Ask the contractor if you can meet up to see a project currently underway. This will also give the contractor a good chance to show you how he manages his workers and maintains daily operations.

4. Consider More than Price
Unless you’re on a very strict budget, don’t let price be the main deciding factor when selecting a commercial construction contractor. If you’re thinking about hiring a building contractor because their estimate is substantially below the market rate, your commercial project may be completed with substandard materials and hasty construction methods. Instead, focus on hiring a building contractor who can meet your deadlines while also maintaining the quality that your project demands.

5. Talk to Your List of Candidates
Online searches and discussions with other business owners can only give you a limited amount of information. Once you’ve established a list of potential candidates, interview them so that you can make a final choice. Think about some questions that you want to ask before you chat with your potential contractors. For example, you may want to ask whether they use a fixed price or estimate on bids for projects. You can also use the interview to find out more about the contractor’s past projects.

If you’re hiring a commercial construction contractor, CBF Contracting, Inc. offers comprehensive general contracting services for commercial customers in western Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. If you’re looking for a Pittsburgh general contractor, consider CBF Contracting. We have extensive experience in all facets of commercial contracting, from simple renovation projects to complete build-outs from the ground up. If you’re in the market for a general contractor, contact us at 814-756-3000 to get the process started.

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