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Making the decision to renovate your retail store is a big step, and then you start figuring out the logistics. Retail commercial renovation opens up an exciting new take on your brand, but it can pull you away from the daily tasks of operations and marketing. Large and small projects end successfully when they get off to a well-planned start, so consider these five tips as you prepare for a retail commercial renovation.

1. Ask for Employee Input – Your employees cover the floor countless times a day taking care of customers and stocking shelves. Ask them for suggestions about better storage, display and point of sale options. Explain your goals, and integrate employee suggestions with your design ideas. It’s easier for staff members to deal with a store remodeling project when they know that they’re an important part of the process.

2. Don’t Reinvent Your Wheel – When you start tearing down walls and raising ceilings, you face the expense of moving existing infrastructure. Plumbing, ductwork and electrical systems rarely need replacing during a retail renovation, so plan on working with and around what you already have in place. Decide ahead of time to stretch remodeling dollars with strategies that improve your space without the cost of rerouting and relocating infrastructure.

3. Develop a Realistic Timeline – Very few retail commercial renovation projects keep the doors open. Customer traffic slows down workers, and the construction environment limits space for doing business. Hit the calculator, and balance sales lost from closing against minimizing project completion time. Determine what kind of remodeling schedule works for your business so that you can present realistic expectations to your contractor.

4. Balance Wants With Needs – Retail success builds on dreaming big, but it also depends on sticking to a budget. Before you commit to an expensive idea, compare its cost to something more practical, and figure out where you can apply the difference in savings. Consider the dollar value of all your options. Don’t think of the process as pinching pennies. Instead, take pride in making smart decisions that stretch your remodeling budget.

5. Interview Several Contractors – Choose a commercial renovation contractor who specializes in retail commercial renovation.  Speak with several contractors before you make a hiring decision. A reputable general contractor sits down with you, listens to your proposal and answers your questions. The best candidate appreciates the time and thought that you’ve put into pre-planning. A bonus of working with an experienced commercial renovation company is they can provide suggestions of what other retailers have done when dealing with the remodeling process (such as optimizing space and renovation).   Giving an established contractor a well-thought-out base to build on helps secure your retail remodeling success.

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Being prepared gets the job off to a solid start, saves money and ensures that your store renovation successfully refreshes your brand. CBF Contracting, Inc. specializes in retail commercial renovation projects all across western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and western New York State, and we’re always happy to share our expertise. Just contact us at 814-745-3000 for more information about our retail renovation services.

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