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The multitude of tasks that go into the commercial building process may appear overwhelming to new project managers, but they are fairly simple to accomplish when approached step-by-step. We’ve outlined the basic steps for every commercial building construction process  There are five stages between planning to post-construction.

1) Planning
Of all the stages of building construction, this is the most important.  Choosing a building site location can be effortless or be a royal pain.  Read more about Choosing a Building Site Location.  Once a location is chosen and a budget is agreed upon. Introduce your architect and your general contractor as soon as possible; better yet, hire a company that specializes in design-build commercial building construction services to streamline the process.

2) Design
Schematic designs should include information about materials, textures, sizes and colors. Once the general size and function of the rooms have been decided, your team will need to consider the building’s orientation in relation to utility connections and development covenants to ensure that the project is feasible. Finally, contract documents are created to establish a project timeline and set the costs of each phase of construction.

3) Pre-construction
The owner gives the contractor a notice to proceed and the materials list is sent out to vendors and commercial subcontractors for quotes. All building permits and insurance requirements should be obtained. A site investigation is undertaken to make sure there are no unexpected complications such as environmental hazards, and the soil is tested to make sure it is well suited for construction.

4) Procurement
All materials, equipment and labor needed for the project are purchased by the general contractor or various subcontractors. Purchase orders should be drawn up to confirm that the products meet project specifications for the determined price.

5) Commercial Building Construction and Post-construction
Each aspect of the project including the foundation, plumbing and electrical wiring must pass inspection upon completion. A project punch-out is conducted near the end of construction to identify minor issues such as cracked tiles, and final repairs are made before furnishings and equipment are brought in. Once all requirements have been met, the project architect finally issues a certificate of substantial completion so that the building official can perform a final inspection.

The key to smooth construction is choosing the right general contractor from the start. If you’re looking for an experienced full-service design/build general contractor, CBF Contracting has overseen hundreds of new commercial and industrial projects in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Western New York State over the past 40 years.

Our projects range from ground up commercial building construction to large-scale build-outs,  Our team of dedicated and talented employees prides themselves in prioritizing cost, time and quality management.  Call us today at 814-745-3000 to discuss your next commercial project.

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